BuzzPatch Mosquito Repellent

BUZZPATCH Mosquito Repellent: The Best Way To Stop Bites

NATPAT BUZZPATCH Mosquito Repellent

4.9 out of 5
NATPAT BuzzPatch Mosquito Patches

Staying safe outdoors is a top priority for parents, myself included. With BuzzPatch mosquito repellent patches, you can rest easy knowing your family is protected against pesky mosquitos, midges, sand flies, and flies. These patches contain all-natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about spraying chemicals or applying lotion on your little ones’ delicate skin. And the best part? No more harsh odours or sticky residue.
Not only are these patches effective, but they’re also convenient. Apply the patch to clothing near exposed skin and enjoy up to 12 hours of protection. Each pack contains 60 assorted emoji patches to ensure you never run out.
Say goodbye to mosquito bites and hello to outdoor adventures with BuzzPatch. Order now and experience the difference for yourself.

Measurement: 1.125” diameter
Quantity: 60 stickers per pack

5 out of 5
No aerosols and no nasty chemicals
5 out of 5
32 cents per patch when ordering the lowest quantity. 21 cents when buying bulk. That's very fair when consideration duration and convenience. $19 price point is for 1 pack of 60 patches.
4.5 out of 5
We had to remove half a star as the odd patch does fall off. Otherwise they stick very well.
Duration (Hours of Protection)
5 out of 5
Their website says up to 72 hours, 12 of which are at full protection. The packaging reads 8 hours. Perhaps they have a new formula with old packaging. Our results show a solid 8 hours – which is remarkable in itself.
5 out of 5
No cans to carry, no messy lotions. It's as simple as slapping on a patch.


All-Natural, Chemical-Free




Fun Designs


No Sticky Film on Skin


Can Fall Off Prematurely

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As a mother of two, I spend so much time looking for safe alternatives to traditional mosquito repellents. Spraying our children with unpleasant, toxic repellents is disheartening and tiring. After trying and testing numerous mosquito repellent products, we finally found a solution our family agreed on. Today, we are reviewing the BuzzPatch Mosquito Repellent stickers and why it has become a staple in our household.

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Are BuzzPatch Stickers an Effective Mosquito Repellent?

Two of our family members are prone to mosquito bites. By bites, I mean welts! There is nothing more dreadful than not being able to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends without layering yourself with mountainous volumes of repellent sprays. Not only do you feel sticky and gross, but you are also exposing yourself to some harmful, toxic chemicals.

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The most important thing to consider when choosing a mosquito repellent is its effectiveness. After all, what good is a repellent if it does not repel mosquitos? It’s where BuzzPatch stickers shine. 

And to answer your question – do Buzz patches work? In short, yes! And here’s why.

Natural Ingredients

Natural Patch uses a combination of natural essential oils such as citronella and geraniol oils to create a barrier of protection against pesky mosquitos. This combination works great, as the mosquitos absolutely hate this combination of scents. 

We found the BuzzPatch stickers were highly effective at keeping mosquitos at bay, even in areas with high mosquito populations. However, in high-dense mosquito areas, we would add another patch for those stubborn few mosquitoes who absolutely need to draw blood.

Convenience and Ease of Use

BuzzPatch for Kids
BuzzPatch Mosquito Repellent for Kids

Not only are these mosquito stickers effective, but they are also incredibly convenient and easy to use. Unlike traditional mosquito repellents, which come in large bottles, require frequent reapplication and leave a sticky residue on your skin, BuzzPatch stickers are seriously hassle-free.

For your convenience, BuzzPatch Mosquito Repellent patches come in a small, convenient pouch. Easily toss this pouch into your purse, backpack or even pocket. The pouch helps keep these mosquito stickers viable for up to 24 months!

As for ease of use or application of the BuzzPatch Mosquito Patches – just peel off the backing and apply them onto your clothing close to exposed skin. You can even put them on your children’s clothes or backpack. It’s really that simple.

How Long Does the BuzzPatch Sticker Protect?

According to Natural Patch, the BuzzPatch stickers are designed to release a consistent dose of repellent for 8 hours and can last up to 24 hours. Through our testing, we found the bug repellent patch does last for 8 hours, at which point the protection against mosquito bites starts to slowly ween. Luckily, you can apply a fresh patch to keep the protection going.

The only drawback is that these BuzzPatch mosquito stickers are not waterproof, and if your children are anything like mine – they are active and love hopping between water and land activities. As such, there were a handful of times we found that the stickers had fallen off. Certain clothing can also cause them to fall off, like bathing suits and shirts with a slippery feel.

Other than this, these little stickers are perfect for any outdoor activity that doesn’t involve water, such as camping, hiking, off-roading, playing or any other activity where you are likely to encounter mosquitoes. The best part is that you do not have to worry about reapplying every few hours.

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Fun and Stylish Designs

BuzzPatch Mosquito Sticker Designs
BuzzPatch Mosquito Sticker Designs

Not only do BuzzPatch mosquito repellent stickers provide long-lasting protection, but they also come in a variety of fun and stylish designs*. From silly emoji prints to the BuzzPatch logo, BuzzPatch stickers offer something for everyone. They are perfect for kids who want to make a statement while keeping pesky mosquitoes away. Whether you are looking for something subtle or bold, adults too can enjoy the variety of designs.

*NatPat has updated both their packaging and patch designs.

An Alternative to BUZZPATCH Mosquito Stickers

If you are still uncertain about the BUZZPATCH Mosquito Stickers, consider purchasing a natural mosquito repellant, like the Natrapel Lemon Eucalyptus Tick & Insect Repellent

Or you could make your own using a few natural ingredients proven to repel mosquitos, such as citronella, lemon eucalyptus, lavender, witch hazel, rosemary, geranium, etc. There are plenty of YouTube videos that can show you how. Or you can follow a natural mosquito repellent recipe from Wellness Mama that is known to work well.

BuzzPatch Mosquito Repellent FAQs

Is BUZZPATCH Mosquito Repellent Worth It?

Absolutely, yes! My family loves the BuzzPatch mosquito repellent stickers and is thrilled to be free from stinky, sticky bug sprays and lotions. BuzzPatch stickers are efficient, made with natural ingredients, easy to use, and feature fun and stylish designs that smell great. Paired with some bug-free pants, you can have an arsenal of bug-fighting protection. 

Try BuzzPatch mosquito repellent stickers for yourself and see how simple and effective mosquito protection can be for you and your entire family. Natural Patch offers free shipping on all their products, and on occasion, you can catch an additional 10% off if you subscribe to their newsletter.

NATPAT Has Graciously Offered Our Readers 10% Off Any NATPAT Products Using This Link

What are your tips and tricks for keeping mosquitos at bay?

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BuzzPatch Mosquito Repellent
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