The 2022 Christmas Gift Guide of Amazing Gifts

The 2022 Christmas Gift Guide of Amazing Gifts!

Yes, it’s that time of year again! In fact as I write this, it’s our first snow of the season. Santa is definitely coming soon. Are you ready? We’ve compiled our 2022 Christmas Gift Guide to help you find that perfect gift for the outdoorsman, camper, bushcrafter and so on in your family! Check out these amazing BushLife approved gift ideas. Just bear in mind all prices and any promotions mentioned are at time of writing and subject to change.

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Christmas Gift Guide: Grayl Geopress

Grayl Geopress Water Filter / Purifier

The Grayl Geopress will make safe drinking water no matter where you are or what you are doing. Scoop water into the outer bottle, push the filter in and watch crystal clear drinking water filter in. Ready for immediate consumption or to go for later, thanks to a screw on cap. It’s genius lies in its simplicity: micro filtration. The filter is so fine that bacteria, viruses and pathogens can’t transfer.

It’s a real game changer for anyone that’s out and about in the woods, lakes or rivers. Price $136.99 for the 24 ounce bottle (replaceable filter included).

Leatherman Charge Plus TTi MultiTool

Leatherman Charge + TTi Multi-Tool

I DON’T LEAVE HOME without my Leatherman Charge. 19 tools packed into a small, singular multi-tool is a mighty little beast. Whether fishing, hunting, camping or just changing a battery around the house, the proud owner of one will find infinite uses for it. They’ll also appreciate Leatherman’s flagship model 30 years from now – as it’s built to last. Price $242.95, Full Review


Christmas Gift Guide: MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Stove Kit

MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Mini Stove Kit

If you have ever sat under a tarp in the rain, you’ll know you won’t be cooking on an open fire. You probably also know you want your morning brew in minutes, not increments of hours. A stove is a must for the aspiring camper. Or perhaps it’s just time to update the old stove. You know which one I’m talking about: the big, old, heavy thing that’s so rusty it’s scary to cook on. Yes, that one.

The MSR Pocket Rocket 2 kit comes with a stove, .75 liter pot and lid that nests. While not included, it nests the gas can as well! The stove can boil a litre of water in 3.5 minutes and the kit weighs a backpack-able .28 kg or 9.9 oz. What more could you ask for? Price $114.99 On sale now for $99.95

KUMA Jasper Blanket

Kuma Jasper Sleeping Blanket

You may know Kuma for their chairs. They also make a wicked sleeping blanket! It’s so soft, plushy and warm that whoever you buy it for may end up using it at home. I’m not kidding either. The Kuma Jasper has a -12 degree celsius rating and comes with a lifetime warranty. Price $189


Christmas Gift Guide: Morakniv Garberg Knife

Morakniv Garberg Carbon Knife

The most important tool for the bushcrafter is a knife. Without a doubt it’s actually the most important tool in the woods. With a full tang, the Morakniv Garberg Carbon is strong enough to double as an axe and its 90 degree spine (and carbon steel) will get any fire going. Full Review

It’s a steal at $155.99. A comparable knife of equal quality (and ability) can easily cost 2-3 times as much. It’s step 1 for the aspiring bushcrafter or a nice addition for the seasoned one.

Fire Fast Trekker

Fire Fast Trekker “Fire Steel”

That’s right. The bushcrafter doesn’t make fire with a bic. They use a ferro rod and make fire with steel! Capable of throwing sparks in the THOUSANDS of degrees, thousands of times, it’s guaranteed to work. In any weather conditions, any time, any place.

The Fire Fast Trekker happens to have a magnesium bar as well. That’s a perfect backup for that stubborn fire whether someone is a newbie or seasoned pro. A bushcrafter’s must have and an awesome addition to any kit. Price $42.95


Christmas Gift Guide: YETI Roadie 24 Cooler

YETI Roadie 24 Cooler

Odd choice…Not really!! Everyone knows YETI but what they don’t know is the company was started by hunters and they started with coolers. Why? Because they were sick and tired of not being able to find a decent one on the market. We’ve had our Roadie 24 for MANY years. While I can’t say it’s “bulletproof”, it seems pretty darn close to it. It’s also the perfect size for smaller outings or adventures. And when hunting, one is definitely on an outdoor adventure!

Price comparable to soft siders, why not opt for that backcountry ready and grizzly proof hard cooler. It’s just so easy to wash as well. Price $350 CAD Promo: Spend $250 and get 2 free Rambler® Lowballs


Titan Survivorcord Paracord Survival Bracelet

Titan SurvivorCord Paracord Survival Bracelet

Titan is the king of paracord. Period. Their MIL-SPEC SurvivorCord includes some very unique strands: fishing line, snare wire and waxed jute (waterproof fire tinder). Not to mention they’ve outdone themselves in strength. Regular paracord is rated for 550 lbs, Titan SurvivorCord has a verified tensile strength of 584 lbs!

Titan is weaving their famous SurvivorCord into a fashionable Paracord Survival Bracelet. Except there’s nothing fashionable about its function. With 11 feet of SurviorCord in each bracelet, which can be un-weaved in 3 minutes, there’s a lot of survival utility crammed into an everyday wearable. Each bracelet has a stainless steel shackle, lifetime warranty and they come in various sizes and colours. Price $34.99


Christmas Gift Guide: The Total Gun Manual

The Total Gun Manual

Here’s an awesome book by Field & Stream. The entire series is amazing and every page is laced with photos. This book covers: gun basics, rifles & handguns and shotguns. From techniques, cartridges, blackpowder, hunting, you name it and it’s in here. Each topic is brilliantly laid out and the way it’s written is truly engaging. I’ve read it many times and always refer back. The perfect gift for anyone that loves firearms. Price $31.68

The Total Knife Manual

The Total Knife Manual

Of course they have the knife version as well… Topics Include: knife design, types, multi-tools, custom knives and knife care. Then it covers knives in the context of: hunting, fishing, wild kitchen, camping and survival. If that’s not enough, it then covers axes, hatchets and saws! And of course, I’ve read this one too. It even has a permanent home on the coffee table. Price $32


Christmas Gift Guide: Kiwi - Solar Lantern

Kiwi Company Solar Lantern

Kiwi Company is a subscription service for kids, with a twist: Your child will need to put it together! Not only is it super educational, they will love the process and the final product. Kiwi even tailors their packages to a child’s skill level. Trust me out of experinece that if it’s for your own kids, you’ll never have to check the mail ever again.

Don’t want a subscription? No Problem. They happen to sell separately and as Kiwi likes to say: “Illuminate your adventures with a solar-powered lantern!” Your child will learn about the sun and the electronics needed to convert its energy. Plus, you’ll have a great excuse to get them off the computer and get them outdoors – first to charge and then to explore! Price $37.72


Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post Subscription Box

Now this one’s cool! There’s a million subscription services out there but Bespoke Post took it several steps farther. And no Christmas gift guide is complete without some form of subscription box.

Bespoke Post buys the best gear, from the best brands all over the world and custom tailor their monthly box based on a questionnaire all about YOU. Sending you only items strictly based on your interests. They’ll also share what they intend to send each month BEFORE shipping. If you don’t like their choices, they’ll happily reconfigure it for you and your “Bespoke” box. Wow!

To top it all off, all items are gender neutral and will cover anyone you want to sign up. Ever need to skip a month? No problem either. Price $49 US a month for members, $70 US a month for non-members. Membership is free and yes, they ship to Canada for a $10 flat fee.


YETI Bottle

YETI Rambler Drinkware

If in doubt, get YETI! Let’s be honest, everyone who get’s a YETI is genuinely happy. In fact, they’ll LOVE it and the BushLife family speaks from experience. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. With a wide array of drinkware products, YETI has every person and every budget covered. Proudly show your loved one you always knew exactly what to get them by personalizing with colour! It’s so simple. Price From Under $20 to $170 CDN

The 2022 Christmas Gift Guide

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2022 Christmas Gift Guide of Amazing Gifts
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