Kemimoto Can-Am Storage Box

Can-Am Storage Box: Energize Your ATV With More Space!

ATVs and side-by-sides are incredibly awesome. What’s not so awesome is the puny amount of storage space they come with. If you have tried to expand on that, you already know it can get expensive. So today, let’s turn to Kemimoto and look at one of their Can-Am storage boxes.

A 30-litre, LinQ Compatible storage system for Can-Am machines. Specifically, the Can-Am X3, X3 Max, Commander and Outlander. And yes, it’s a quality aftermarket option coming in at a fraction of the cost of OE. Keep reading for a full review of this bolt-on storage box. As a bonus, we’ll look at some other cool storage ideas.

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Kemimoto Can-Am Storage Box

Waterproof, crush proof, 30 litre storage box. LinQ compatible and fits Outlander, Maverick and Commander.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Kemimoto Can-Am Storage Box
Kemimoto Can-Am Storage Box

Kemimoto’s box comes in at an unobtrusive 30 litres or 8 gallons. Yes, it’s not the biggest box out there. But it looks suberbly fantastic as if it’s part of the machine. My machine is a 2014 Can-Am Outlander XT, which I’ve owned since 2018. I mounted the box on arrival (right before running out of daylight), and by morning, it just felt like it was always part of the machine.

The problem is that ATVs have almost NO storage. This machine, like most, has a glove box-size storage space in the very back, and that’s it. Unfortunately, this small plastic box is right above the exhaust. Hence, it holds the winch remote cable, ownership, rope, a tree saver and a little fire kit. It is just enough to get unstuck and be able to make a survival fire for those SHTF moments when unstuck-ing yourself isn’t an option:) Regrettably, there was never enough space for what we really wanted to carry.

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What Can You Carry With 30 Liters?

Storage Capacity of the Kemimoto Can-Am Storage Box
Storage Capacity of the Kemimoto Can-Am Storage Box

Plenty! We use our machine around the house for work and play – everything from winching logs out of the woods, parking trailers, checking the mail or visiting neighbours. We also hunt and off-road a lot! Since acquiring the Kemimoto box, most items from the glovebox, along with added rope and a large tow strap, have been moved into the Kemimoto. With the added rope and strap, we now have better winching options for ourselves or getting someone else to safety – this all doubles great to perform work like tree service.

Another new addition to the storage box was a spare chainsaw chain, wrench and bar oil. If you spend enough time on the trails, you know a tree will come down one day and block the trail leading out. It’s happened to us more than once – not a pleasant experience! With the added storage, the only item left to grab before heading out is the actual chainsaw.

Next, and don’t laugh, comes a blowtorch! The typical propane torch used for soldering. If you light as many fires as I do, you’ll know it’s totally too easy to use a torch. No paper is needed, just some kindling. It’s also pretty surefire in a survival situation. At 2,000 degrees, that torch will get even get some wet wood burning quickly.

You should also add some spare oil for your ATV, a rag and any other maintenance items you might need.

Even after all that, we still have room to add gloves, water bottles, snacks, packs of shotgun shells, and whatever else you need. There is room to spare! And don’t forget, we still have that factory glovebox available to pack other things we may want to separate or use infrequently.

Materials and Construction of the Kemimoto Can-Am Storage Box

Kemimoto advertises the box as “high-density LDPE.” That can’t be the case since LDPE means “low-density polyethylene.” Ie. the material used to make plastic garbage bags. What we have here has to be HDPE, “high-density polyethylene,” which is the same material plastic lumber is fabricated from.

Kemimoto further rates its crushproofness at a level where an adult can stand on the box. While I don’t have the heart to stand on mine, I can wholeheartedly confirm it confidently holds up my 185 pounds when sitting on it. So yes, it’s very strong! Specifically, it’s advertised to withstand 120 kg (265 lbs).

Now would be a good time to mention the box itself weighs 21.7 pounds. It’s pretty solid!

Single Folding Lid Design

The box layout is simple. To access its 30-litre storage, it utilizes a single folding lid for easy access. Some may argue this does nothing for the organization, but I beg to differ. Since the box curves on the two ends, the contents don’t move around too much. While the organization would be great, having one substantial open space allows for bulkier items to fit. Otherwise, using bags or retrofitting plastic dividers can help keep things more organized.

When carrying a chainsaw, I usually bungee it onto the front storage rack or place it into the gun holder, which we’ll cover below. However, I can confirm that my Husqvarna T525 (small top handle saw) does fit inside the Kemimoto storage box. That’s with all the other items we talked about above. If you’re the type that likes to carry a saw, it’s totally achievable as long as it’s small.

Rubber Gasketed Lid

Yes, of course, it’s waterproof! The lid has a built-in rubber gasket, which allows it to be waterproof. And by design, of course! The box itself has a raised lip that the lid rests on. I can confirm 100% that the system works. Since its arrival, it has rained and snowed repeatedly, and not one drop of water (or dirt) has infiltrated the box.

If anything, when opening the lid, you may have a drop or two fall in, which is inevitable. To prevent the runoff, give the lid a quick wipe before opening. Failing that, I suggest plainly wiping the drop or two that do fall in.

Remember this one thing! When anything seals tight, you don’t want moisture – it could lead to mould growth. If your ropes or anything else gets wet, take them out when you get home and hang them up to dry before returning them to your cargo box.

Kemimoto Can-Am Storage Box Iced
Iced Storage Box
Kemimoto Can-Am Storage Box Inside View
Inside View of a Dry Box
Kemimoto CanAm Storage Box Gasket
Storage Box Gasket

Dual Locking Latches

Two rubber-like latches help keep the lid closed. It locks tight with just the right amount of pressure to do its job while still easily latching shut. Both latches provide an option to add a lock.

While the box feels quite beefy, I can’t say the same for the latches. I don’t want to say they feel flimsy, as it’s not the case. They don’t seem to convey the same confidence as the box itself. Kemimoto advertises that they have upgraded the latches as their older version had issues. Who knows, time will tell if these new ones will last for months or even 20 years. The point is, if I had to pick one item I wish was a bit improved, it would be this.

BushLife - Kemimoto Cargo Box Latch System
BushLife - Kemimoto Cargo Box Latch System II

Other Features

When you open the box and look at the side of it, you’ll find three holes. Interestingly, the middle hole is there for hanging a cup holder, and the two little ones are to add rope to expand your storage outside the cargo box. Think shock cord and something like a jacket on the outside of the box. Both are thoughtful additions that increase the box’s capabilities. I especially like the cup holder, as my YETI has rolled off this machine more times than I would like to remember:)

BushLife - Kemimoto Can-Am Storage Box Expansion Holes
Kemimoto Can-Am Storage Box Expansion Holes

Ease of Installation

It took around 10 minutes to install the Kemimoto Can-Am storage box. The fasteners only fit in a certain way, which makes installation straightforward as to where they go. First, you add the front pegs to the box and then loosely add the rear lockers.

The front of the box goes onto the LinQ rack first on an angle and then gets dropped down into place. After lining up the rear lockers (which are adjustable) so they line up into the LinQ’s respective connection points, you can carefully raise the back of the box and tighten up the rear connectors. Drop the box back down, turn the lockers and the job is done!

Anyone with trade experience in them will undoubtedly figure it out, and even a non-mechanical person can figure it out, just perhaps not as quickly. It’s not rocket science, and the final fitment, I have to say, is excellent. Everything ends up solid, and the box does not move on the rack.


Yes, it’s the million-dollar question and what we all balk at. But there is some good news. During the pandemic, I found myself at a Can-Am dealer. I don’t remember it well other than they had a nice original equipment box – but it was over $600 back then! This price was pre-shortages, pre-inflation, and I am sure it’s gone up a lot since then.

The Kemimoto box currently retails at $529.99 CDN ($339.99 US). It just so happens to be on sale right now for $399.99 CDN ($289.99 US). If that’s not enough, Kemimoto graciously provided our readers with a promo code of “bushlife,” which takes 15% off the sale price, bringing the grand total to $332 CDN ($240.69 US). That’s beyond fair for the product – and as a bonus, it’s a sitewide promo code that applies to all their products!!! Take advantage of the sale price and promo code while you can!

The Verdict

While clearing brush piles out of the forest, I used the Kemimoto Can-Am storage box daily; from rain, snow, ice pellets, freezing rain, and everything in between, this cargo box has been through it all and has held up to our typical Canadian November weather.

Honestly, I wonder how I ever got by without it. The box has transformed “a ride” into more of a vehicle with purpose and function. I could not be happier and recommend the box wholeheartedly. If it fits your machine, take advantage of this great offer and get one while you can!


If you’re wondering whether this storage box fits your ATV, I have cut and pasted the following from Kemimoto’s site:

  • 2017-2023 Can-Am Maverick X3
  • 2018-2023 2022 Can-Am Maverick X3 Max
  • 2015-2013 Can-Am Outlander 500 (G2)
  • 2017-2016 Can-Am Outlander 570 (G2)
  • 2019-2013 Can-Am Outlander 650 (G2)
  • 2015 Can-Am Outlander 800 (G2)
  • 2019-2013 Can-Am Outlander 1000 (G2)
  • 2014-2013 Can-Am Outlander Max 500 (G2)
  • 2016 Can-Am Outlander Max 570
  • Commander, Commander MAX, all years

A Budget-Friendly Alternative

The Kemimoto Can-Am storage box we reviewed today is vehicle-specific and has a direct OE fit, as per above. Kemimoto also makes a generic fabric bag that fits several makes and models. 

We don’t own one of their fabric versions, so we can’t speak to it – other than to provide you with a more cost-effective option. Or perhaps even to put the plastic cargo box price into perspective. The fabric bag retails for $173.99 ($159.99 US) and you can buy it from Kemimoto directly. Don’t forget, you can use our promo code ‘bushlife’ to save 15% off this price.

That being said, every ATV we see out there is sporting a solid plastic storage box. And for good reason, as there is no doubt, a rigid box will provide better protection for your precious gear.

Gun / Chainsaw Holder

BushLife - ATV Gun Mounts
ATV Gun Mounts

Now that the Kemimoto Can-Am storage box has been covered, there’s one last thing to mention, and it’s another game changer. It’s the gun holder!

Before we knew of Kemimoto, we purchased a competitor’s gun mounts, which hold rifles and shotguns just fine. Most people may not realize that rubber grips can also clutch chainsaws phenomenally. And if you have ever experienced yours falling off your machine like we have, you’ll know how bad it feels when a beloved piece of equipment is flying off your ATV. So, for those of you not comfortable carrying a chainsaw in the Kemimoto storage box, the gun holder is a viable solution.

The sky is the limit with the gun holder: it allows you to carry a shovel, rake or any long item as long as it fits into its grips. It’s an amazing companion that makes working, hunting or enjoying an adventure easy. So, on the topic of storage, it’s criminal not to bring this little gadget into the post.

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