Male (tom) wild turkey with its tail feathers fanned out in early spring

Top 8 Wicked New Turkey Hunting Gear For 2024

Calling all turkey hunters!! I bet you’re getting excited about the 2024 spring turkey hunt – I know my hubby is!! Well, there’s some good news for you!! We have found 8 new turkey hunting gear for 2024 to help you bag your spring turkey.

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From camo clothing to turkey calls and optics, we’ll show you what the fine folks at BassPro/Cabela’s have in store for this year’s turkey season. 

First up.

New turkey hunting gear: Cabela's Turkey Chest Pack

Cabela’s Turkey Chest Pack

Ever go into the woods with pockets full of turkey gear and accessories and not know where anything is? OR are you who the turkeys watch rummaging through your pack to find shells or calls? Fear not – the Cabela’s Turkey Chest Pack is here to save your spring turkey hunt! This turkey pack holds your turkey mouth calls, box calls, plate calls, shotgun shells and binoculars close to your heart – I mean chest. With this chest pack, you now have a chance at bagging that starring turkey!!

Color: TrueTimber Strata

New turkey hunting gear: Cabela's Treadfast 2.0 GORE-TEX Side Zip Snake Boots for Men

Cabela’s Treadfast 2.0 GORE-TEX Side Zip Snake Boots for Men

When it comes to hunting, you want to hunt with confidence and not worry about what is slithering across your feet. Cabela’s has designed a full-grain leather boot with a puncture protection lining to protect your precious feet from nasty snake bites. These boots also feature a breathable Gore-Tex membrane to keep your feet warm and dry. As a bonus, the 17-inch high boots feature a side zip for those who hate laces. And lastly, what good are boots that cause you to slip – these hunting boots feature the almighty BFGoodrich All-Terrain tire treads.

Go ahead, protect your feet and feel comfortable in doing so!

Available in Medium Width and Wide

New turkey hunting gear: Cabela's Instinct Defense Quarter-Zip Pullover for Men

Cabela’s Instinct Defense Quarter-Zip Pullover for Men

Say goodbye to pesky insects sitting on your shoulder and hello to Cabela’s Instinct Defense Quarter-Zip Pullover for men. This moisture-wicking quarter-zip pullover with an integrated hood and gaiter aims at reducing your scent. Not only that, it is designed to keep mosquitos, ants, fleas, ticks, chiggers, and midges away for up to 60 launderings! With less swatting and scratching, you can focus on what matters… the turkey!

Color: TrueTimber VSX

New turkey hunting gear: Cabela's Instinct Defense Pants with Insect Shield for Men

Cabela’s Instinct Defense Pants for Men

With your upper body protected by the Instinct Defense Quarter-Zip Pullover, we need to look at protecting our legs. Thankfully, Cabela’s released a matching pair of pants to go with the pullover. The Instinct Defense Pant features the same insect-repelling technology as the pullover. A bonus is the built-in leg gaiter that prevents these same insects from crawling up your leg. With reinforcement in all the right areas and a multitude of pockets, these pants are made to make your turkey hunt much more comfortable.

Color: TrueTimber VSX

RedHead Classic Slate Friction Turkey Call

RedHead Classic Slate Friction Turkey Call

Ready to make Big Tom blush? With the RedHead Classic Slate Friction call, you will. This friction call is crafted with a smooth slate calling surface and a glass soundboard, all enclosed within a walnut pot. The RedHead Slate Friction Call produces a lifelike sound that is sure to make Big Tom strut straight to you.

RedHead Classic Glass Friction Turkey Call

RedHead Classic Glass Friction Turkey Call

Don’t care for slate? No worries. The RedHead Classic Friction Call can help bring Tom in as well. This turkey call features a glass surface with a cherry soundboard enclosed in a walnut pot. Whether it’s slate or glass, Big Tom won’t be able to resist your calls!

Cabela's Intensity HD Gen 2 Binoculars

Cabela’s Intensity HD Gen 2 Binoculars

Turkey hunting just got an upgrade! Get ready to gaze through glass like no other with Cabela’s Intensity HD Gen 2 Binoculars. You’ll see Old Tom doing his strut in vivid, true-to-life hues and gobble-worthy clarity. And thanks to wide-band coating technology, you’ll enjoy maximum light transmission. Foggy morning in the fields? Not a problem! These binoculars are O-ring sealed for fogproof performance and can even sit in a puddle for up to 30 minutes. With their ergonomic design, large focus wheel and long eye relief, the Gen 2 binoculars will make your scouting efforts more comfortable.

Colour: Green/Black

New turkey hunting gear: Cabela's Turkey Chest Pack

Cabela’s Turkey Chest Pack

Set up your hunt in seconds with Cabela’s Tactical Tat’r Pro Turkey Vest. This turkey vest will have you seated in seconds with its built-in ‘couch cushion’. Just don’t get too comfortable – you still need to bag that turkey!! Special pockets accommodate your turkey calls, while the expandable game bag hoards your turkey triumphs. Stay safe and visible with the removable blaze-orange flag. It’s indeed the ‘sofa’isticated choice for the discerning hunter!

Colour: TrueTimber HTC Green, TrueTimber Strata

Turkey Hunting Gear for Beginners

If you’re new to turkey hunting and not sure what kind of gear you need, we have an informative post here to help guide you into the hunt.

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Male (tom) wild turkey with its tail feathers fanned out in early spring
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