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Fjallraven Keb: Bug Free Pants. Yes, You Read that Right

The scent of fresh grass, budding trees, blooming flowers… wait a second, what’s that sound? Oh no it’s MOSQUITOES!! And there’s the cue to turn around and head back inside. Some of us seem to be born with a bullseye on our behinds that the mosquitoes just cannot resist. Surely, we are all tired of spraying half a can of bug repellent or rubbing ourselves with some putrid concoction that wards the bugs off for five minutes – only to keep reapplying. But it doesn’t have to be this way, keep reading my review of Fjallraven Keb pants I’ll show you how.

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Bug Free Pants

I happen to come across a pair of pants that were fashionable yet durable and perfect for life in the bush. I also happened to notice the tag which mentioned the material was mosquito resistant. You know that social media short form LMAO, if you don’t it means laugh my ass off… I bought them anyways, not for the mosquitoes but for the fact they were the coolest looking pants I’d ever seen.

Finally outside in my new pants sitting by the fire at sunset and low and behold in comes those pesky little flying monsters. They land on me everywhere but I kid you not, no bites through the pants. These pants are absolutely remarkable!

So what are these pants I speak of? It is the Fjallraven Keb made from G-1000. It is a must buy for anyone who is tired of watching the warm spring and summer days passing by behind a screen door. Also a must for anyone that enjoys the outdoors as the pockets are laid out brilliantly.

Wear & Tear, Durability

I have had these for three years now and have worn them a great deal. Ok fine, I wear them almost every single day. I have 2 pairs that I rotate and wash so you don’t have to be grossed out. I like these pants, leave me alone:) But because the fabric is so durable and tightly woven, they are resistant to wear.

In fact, other than right by my belt where the sheath of the trusty Leatherman Charge rubs the pants, they pretty much look brand new. I also had two small holes from a chainsaw mishap which I quickly stitched up and can report they have not spread. And no, seriously, what are you even thinking? They will not stop a chainsaw.

I do however follow the washing instructions very carefully. DO NOT put these in the dryer, they need to hang and air dry. While that’s a bit of a pain and causes a little extra work on laundry days, it’s well worth the effort.

What is G-1000?

Fjallraven is a Swedish company that’s been working on outdoor gear for over 60 years with a vision to make nature more accessible to more people. Sounds familiar, it should, as that is exactly what my blog is about. They have come up with G-1000 which is basically a 65% polyester, 35% cotton blend, woven in a really tight pattern. It’s that tight pattern that makes the fabric so special – including being able to stop bugs from being able to bite through. Pretty basic stuff yet funny its taken so long for someone to figure it out.

Let’s talk about chemicals for a second. Several different outdoor clothing manufacturers are pumping out “bug free” clothing. While it works, they are using chemicals, particularly permethrin or some variant of it – which kills instantly on contact. Only once was my house ever sprayed outdoors professionally for bugs. They had the full chemical suit with respirator and they asked me to leave for several hours. What did they use? Permethrin! So I have to ask, do you really want that touching your body? And even if you are ok with it, it will wash out over time and your bug woes will come back to haunt you.

Greenland Wax for Your Fjallraven Keb

These pants come with a coating of Greenland Wax which makes them resistant to rain and moisture. If they do get wet, I can tell you from experience that the pants dry very quickly. In terms of wind, same deal. The pants are wind resistant yet breathable. For those of you that are curious, they come with UV protection.

The pants are user tailorable and by that I mean you can re-wax them. Fjallraven sells Greenland Wax separately in bars. For more water and wind protection, you simply rub the garment with the wax and then heat with a blow dryer for absorption. This can be repeated over and over again until the desired protection is achieved. It’s an old school method of waterproofing but it works and if it hasn’t occurred to you yet, once again it’s also chemical free!

Reversing the process is fairly easy. If you think you have over waxed and/or for more breathability, simply washing a number of times will slowly pull the wax out. This gives the pants more seasons simply by waxing heavier in the winter. Truthfully, I haven’t waxed mine yet but intend to in the fall as over the years, the wind proofing has come down.

Good News Ladies

Fjallraven has ladies versions obviously in women’s sizing. My wife sadly missed many a campfire as she is a magnet for bugs. I can tell you I bought her a pair and it has helped immensely in getting her back outside and enjoying basic things outdoors.

Form and Function

Fjallraven Keb Pants
Fjallraven Keb in Black

This definitely deserves its own section. These pants are cargo pants, that means 1 big storage pocket on the side of each pant leg. These pockets are gusseted for maximum storage yet they lay nice and flat when empty. I should also mention the top flap with 2 snap enclosures to keep your precious gear secure.

The regular pockets are nice and deep and I need not worry about losing my wallet, phone or keys. Gear generally goes in the cargo pant pockets. This is particularly handy when out on an ATV trip and bouncing around the terrain in a seated position.

Vents, yes you read that correct. The sides of the pants have zippers for venting. I don’t particularly use that feature myself, if its too hot outside I’ll wear something lighter but it is nice insurance in case of miscalculating the temperature. One item worthy of mentioning is the bottom cuffs have a stretchy band and several snaps. Ie. If you need to cross a river, you can hike up your pant legs and tighten this very strap securing your pant legs high and dry.

One last point here is stretchy material. The Fjallraven Keb has stretchy material sections and G-1000 sections in high wear areas. This is what makes the pants so comfortable and easily allows full range of movement. I have some back issues so when I blog I like to sit on the couch and stretch my legs – they are so comfortable that 9 out of 10 posts are written in Fjallraven Keb pants!

The Verdict

Whether you are trekking, travelling or working outdoors, these pants are a must have for any outdoors enthusiast. The best part is that in spite of how utilitarian these pants are, everyone will ask you where you bought them as they look so cool.

On a side note, we have no affiliation with Fjallraven. We were asked by our followers if we had any recommendations on durable outdoor pants which got us thinking about the Fjallraven Kebs. They are a bit on the pricey side but worth every penny, especially when you consider how many pairs of pants you’ll go through by the time you replace one of these. If anything what should be mentioned here is sizing which will be in European format. Before ordering online, be sure to consult with Fjallraven’s sizing chart.

Where to Get Your Fjallraven Kebs

An Alternative to the Fjallraven Kebs

The other trousers I own and can speak to are the Fjallraven Vidda Pro. Also great pants, they’re just not as good as the Fjallraven Keb. They are however, more budget friendly.

Buy from Sail:

Be sure to check out another cool piece of clothing, the Lole Titan Insulated Jacket. Until next time, Humans 1, Mosquitoes 0! 🤣🙂

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