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Remington 870 Custom: The Best Shotgun You’ll Ever Find!

Stelios LazosFeb 1, 202419 min read

Let’s talk about one of, if not the best-selling shotgun ever made in human history: the Remington 870. And then let’s customize a phenomenal gun to make it several levels better! Did I catch your attention yet? And no, we’re not talking about some fancy bespoke, get-fitted type deal, several thousands of dollars later. We are talking about a ready made, off-the-shelf product that has been heavily modified and upgraded…

Can-Am Storage Box: Energize Your ATV With More Space!

Stelios LazosDec 12, 202311 min read
A Kemimoto storage box for your Can-Am ATV or Side by Side is a game changer! Read our full review and discover some storage secrets.

A Promising Pike Fishing Rod = More Fish in the Boat

Stelios LazosOct 10, 202313 min read
Can a pike fishing rod work for bass and muskie as well? Read our review of Decathlon’s Caperlan WXM-5 220 H to find out.

Corloq EDC120: The Official “Adventure Container” You Really WANT

Stelios LazosOct 4, 20238 min read
What is an adventure container? How does Corloq fill this market? And why you will want one! Read our review of the EDC120

Silky BIGBOY: Why A Saw Beats an Axe Every Time

Stelios LazosJul 21, 20238 min read
From self-rescue to processing wood, the saw is mightier than the axe. Especially the Silky BIGBOY!!! Find out why you should never leave home without one.

Bluetti EB3A Portable Power Station Review

Stelios LazosJun 23, 202321 min read
Experience the ultimate power with the Bluetti EB3A Portable Power Station. Read our review to see why it’s the perfect battery solution for your outdoor adventure or home!

Forclaz Travel 100 Hiking Pack: Big Size, Small Budget!

Stelios LazosJun 16, 202315 min read
This Forclaz Travel 100 Hiking Pack is the perfect choice for any outdoor enthusiast. Get a big-size pack without breaking the bank! Read the review to find out if it’s the perfect fit for you!

5 Basic Items You Didn’t Know Are Useful Survival Tools

Stelios LazosMay 5, 20239 min read
Discover how everyday household items can serve as essential survival tools in the wilderness. Add these FREE items to your pack today!

The Top Turkey Hunting Gear Every Hunter Needs

Stelios LazosApr 20, 202315 min read
Getting into turkey hunting isn’t that difficult. It just takes a little bit of gear – and the right gear! So what are you waiting for?

Lole Titan Insulated Jacket Review: Thin and Good to -10C?

Stelios LazosApr 18, 202314 min read
Thin, warm, windproof and water repellent. Is the Lole Titan Insulated Jacket really that good? Read our review to learn more!

Basic Emergency Kit: Security for Your Family Starts HERE

Stelios LazosMar 3, 202325 min read
Are you ready for the next storm or disaster? We dissected, CORRECTED and explained the federal government’s Basic Emergency Kit.

ATV: How To Choose The Right One

Stelios LazosMar 2, 202310 min read
All the things you need to know and why before buying your first ATV. From engines to options to helmets, we have you covered.

Big Agnes Skyline UL Chair Review

Stelios LazosMar 1, 202312 min read
A review of the Big Agnes Skyline UL Chair. It’s an ultralight, portable and premium camping chair. Should it be your next chair?

Emergency Blanket: Unscrupulous Myth or Life Saving Miracle?

Stelios LazosFeb 16, 202311 min read
Is the emergency or survival blanket a myth or a miracle? You’ll be surprised at the answer. Learn more with our why, when & how-to use post.

5 Amazing Ways Nature’s Aid Gel Will Make You Heal

Stelios LazosFeb 2, 20238 min read
Experience the healing power of Nature’s Aid Skin Gel! The perfect all natural solution for keeping your skin nourished and looking its best.

Heated Gloves: A Massively Easy Way To Beat Frozen Fingers

Stelios LazosJan 30, 202310 min read
It’s your fingers that freeze, not your hands! Revolutionize your winter gear with heated gloves and start enjoying cold activities again.

Land Navigation Survival How To’s that You Need to Know

Stelios LazosJan 20, 202316 min read
Land navigation and getting your bearings right isn’t that hard. With little gear and knowledge, you CAN navigate the forest and find safety.

Possibles Bag: The Most Simplistic Way to Carry Essentials

Stelios LazosJan 12, 20238 min read
Hunters today can learn from the mountain men who wore a possibles bag carrying all of their muzzleloading and hunting essentials of the day

Got Stuck on the ATV? Get a Grappling Hook Now!

Stelios LazosDec 29, 20229 min read
A grappling hook isn’t just for climbing! It can help winch your ATV out of places where no trees or help is remotely in sight. Learn how!

What is a Meal Ready to Eat? A Complete Guide to MREs for Outdoors and Survival

Stelios LazosDec 12, 20229 min read
Learn all about Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) and why it’s a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and preppers. Discover the origins, preparation, and where to buy MRE’s.
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