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YETI Panga 75 Waterproof Duffel Review

YETI Panga 75L Waterproof Duffel

4.8 out of 5
YETI Panga 75L Waterproof Duffel

Are you tired of worrying about your belongings getting wet while on outdoor adventures or during travel? Look no further than the YETI Panga 75L Waterproof Duffel!
This duffel is 100% dry, thanks to its Hydrolok zipper and U-dock system that creates an airtight seal. The high-density nylon shell is puncture resistant, ensuring your items stay safe and secure.
The Panga is constructed to withstand even the harshest conditions, with its DryHaul straps and MetalLock hardware. Plus, it’s completely submersible, meaning you can take it on any water-based adventure without worry.
Upgrade your gear and invest in the YETI Panga 75L Waterproof Duffel today. Don’t wait to start enjoying a worry-free outdoor experience.

Measurement: 28″ W x 15.5″ D x 11″ H
Weight: 6.1 lbs
Capacity: 75L

5 out of 5
After years of use, not one drop of water has entered the duffel, proving that the YETI panga is waterproof.
Look & Feel
5 out of 5
All YETI products look good, and this duffel bag is no exception. It has a rubbery, smooth feel to it, and it exuberates quality.
4.5 out of 5
Although the YETI Panga may seem a bit expensive, it is not when considering the product’s quality, versatility and effectiveness.
5 out of 5
There’s nothing better than being comfortable on an adventure. The Panga duffel offers a multitude of ways of carrying your duffel to ensure comfort and freedom.
5 out of 5
The YETI Panga has a thick flexible shell that is very durable and puncture-resistant.
4 out of 5
Without any gear, I find the YETI duffel a bit heavy. That being said, this duffel is meant to be waterproof and durable. Hence the material used to ensure these traits is thick and weighty.



Durable & Versatile

Sturdy Build

Comfortable Straps

Large Opening


Limited Storage Pockets

Bit Heavy

Like myself, I am sure you worry about keeping your gear safe and dry. It would be nice to enjoy an adventure without scrambling to look for a rain cover or a bag to cover your backpack or duffel bag. With a waterproof duffel, these worries fade away, leaving you to enjoy the great outdoors. Specifically, the YETI Panga 75, which we find is an excellent choice for a waterproof duffel. Let’s take an in-depth look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks of the YETI Panga 75 Waterproof Duffel Bag and why it should be part of your arsenal. 

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YETI Panga’s Unmatched Durability and Leak Proof Design

BushLife - YETI Panga 75 Duffel ULock
U-Dock Terminal with HydroLok Zipper on the YETI Panga 75 Duffel

YETI prides itself on creating and manufacturing long-lasting, quality products. Having had our YETI Panga duffel bag for several years, we can safely say no issues have arisen with this duffel. Our gear has stayed dry, and the duffel bag looks as good as new.

You may ask, why is this? YETI uses high-density puncture-resistant nylon for their ThickSkin shell duffel bag. The bottom of the duffel is EVA molded. Wondering what EVA is and stands for? Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is a soft and flexible material that offers many benefits, including low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, hot-melt adhesive properties and resistance to UV radiation. This material makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing and fishing!

How Does the YETI Panga 75 Duffel Stay Leak Proof?

Not that YETI wants you to submerge your Panga YETI duffel, but it is peace of mind knowing that the YETI Panga 75 will keep your gear dry for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter! Before we delve into how it does this, you must understand the difference between water-resistant and waterproof. Water-resistant items can withstand water penetration to some extent, while waterproof items are thoroughly sealed off from moisture, which is why the Panga 75 is considered waterproof.

The Panga duffel also features Hydrolok Zippers – the same kind found on survival suits and HazMat protective gear. This airtight closure guarantees a waterproof seal. And for even more protection, the Panga’s U-Dock terminal end ensures a leak-proof closure, which allows you to take on a heavy downpour or a raging river! It does take a bit of muscle to slide the zipper into the U-Dock terminal, but other than that, the system works flawlessly.

Submersion & Flotation of the Panga Duffel

The YETI Panga duffel has tested to an IPX7 rating. What does IPX7 stand for? 

IP – Ingress/International Protection

X – Dust Resistance

7 – Water Resistance

For a rating of 7, the item is submerged fully in one meter of water for 30 minutes. 

Does the YETI Waterproof Duffel Float? 

There is a story of a gentleman whose boat had sunk. Floating beside him was his YETI Panga duffel, so he figured he would try to use it as a PFD (personal flotation device). Thankfully he did, as the Panga duffel had kept him floating for an entire hour until rescue finally arrived. 

***If zipped properly, the Hydrolok zipper seals in the air, which creates a PFD.***

Portability and Versatility of the YETI Panga 75 

BushLife - YETI Panga 75 Duffel Versatility
Using the DryHaul Straps to Carry the Duffel as a Backpack

I love the versatility of the Panga 75. Unlike traditional duffels, it features two comfortable DryHaul shoulder straps, making it effortless to go hands-free and enjoy activities without aches and pains. The DryHaul Straps are made with MetalLock hardware and reinforced to give you peace of mind when carrying a load. You can quickly adjust for comfort by using the six QuickGrab lash points that give you the ultimate freedom to load and haul your gear exactly how you like.

BushLife - DryHaul Shoulder Straps feature MetalLocks
BushLife - Grab Handle on the YETI Duffel

Colours and Sizes

Maybe the YETI Panga 75 is not big enough, or maybe, it is too big for what you need. Either way, YETI has three other options for you. All are available in tan and storm grey.


50 L

75 L

100 L

28 L Backpack


5.2 lbs

6.1 lbs

6.8 lbs

3.9 lbs


23.5″ W x 14″ D x 10″ H

28″ W x 15.5″ D x 11″ H

32.5″ W x 17″ D x 12″ H

31.8″ W x 17.8″ D x 50.8″ H

Drawbacks of the YETI Panga 75

BushLife - YETI Panga 75 Duffel features DryHaul Straps
Carrying the YETI Panga Duffel as a Backpack

If you are looking for the ultimate waterproof storage solution, you will find that the YETI Panga Duffel Bag is the perfect fit. With three size options (50L, 75L, and 100L) and rugged construction, this bag will easily accommodate all your gear. I find that the only drawback is its weight. The Panga 50L has an empty weight of 5.2 lbs, slightly heavier than some alternatives. However, when you throw in your gear, that weight adds up pretty quickly. To offset the weight issue, YETI, thankfully, added an alternative method to carry the extra load. The DryHaul straps used to tote the duffel on your back help distribute the weight and leave your hands free to enjoy your activity.

The only other drawback, I wish one of the two interior stowaway mesh pockets were larger. For this issue, we resolve it by using mesh bags or stuff sacks. Other than that, we are beyond satisfied with our YETI.

BushLife - Inner Stowaway Mesh Pocket of the Panga Duffel

Panga 75 Waterproof FAQs

Final Thoughts on the YETI Panga 75 Waterproof Duffel

BushLife - YETI Duffel Used on a Fishing Trip
Taking the YETI Duffel on a Fishing Trip

In conclusion, after five years of testing our duffel bag, the YETI Panga 75 Waterproof Duffel is an optimal choice for any traveller looking for a durable and versatile duffel bag to protect their precious cargo. With features like a puncture-resistant ThickSkin nylon shell, EVA molded bottom, U-dock terminal end, Hydrolok Zippers and airtight closure. YETI has designed the Panga to keep your gear dry and well-protected under extreme conditions. However, its weight may be of concern to some. Ultimately, we found the YETI Panga 75 bag is an ideal choice if you are looking for a duffel that offers superior protection, comfort and portability.

Be sure to comment down below on your experience with the YETI Panga Duffel.

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