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JetBoil Flash Java Kit: Hot Water Under a 100 Seconds. Really?

JetBoil Flash Java Kit

4.8 out of 5
JetBoil Flash Java Kit

VERDICT: If you’re looking for a personal cooking system that is fast and efficient, the JetBoil Flash Java Kit is a great option. With a lightning-fast 100-second boiling time, this kit can make boiling water and keep it warm a breeze. Plus, the ultra-stowable Coffee Press and FluxRing cooking cup make French press coffee and cooking meals on the go easy and convenient. Read on for our full JetBoil Flash Java Kit review.

Weight: 13.1 oz / 371 g
Volume: 1 L
Power: 9,000 BTU/h, 2.6 kW
Boil Time: 100 sec/.5 L
Ignition: Push Button
Fuel Type: JetPower

5 out of 5
The JetBoil Java Kit is extremely lightweight, and what makes it ideal is all the components nest inside the FluxRing cup.
Ease of Use
5 out of 5
With a few twists, the whole system sets up and disassembles in seconds.
5 out of 5
Due to the ultra-fast boil, fuel consumption is less, saving you from buying canisters frequently.
5 out of 5
Achieves boil in 100 seconds or less when conditions are ideal.
4.1 out of 5
A simmer is very difficult to achieve. Having said that, this system is not meant for cooking but for making hot beverages or MREs quickly.




Compact Design

Boils Water Quickly




Coffee Press Included


Cannot Use Alternative Pots Without an Added Accessory

Performance Affected by Cold Weather

Cannot simmer

What avid outdoor enthusiast wouldn’t want a coffee or tea in 100 seconds? I know, I do! Enter the JetBoil Flash Java Kit. JetBoil claims that the stove can boil water in under 100 seconds, and we decided it was time to test their claim. By the end of this review, you’ll know whether or not the JetBoil Flash Java Kit is a must-have for your next outdoor excursion.

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JetBoil Flash Java Kit Design and Features

BushLife - Complete JetBoil Flash Java Kit
JetBoil Flash Java Kit Includes: FluxRing Cup, Coffee-Style Lid, Bowl, Stove, Stabilizer

Whether camping or backpacking in the wilderness, the JetBoil Flash Java Kit boasts unique features and design, which makes it the perfect outdoor cooking solution. Whether you need hot water for coffee, tea, or dehydrated meals, the JetBoil Flash Java Kit will have your water ready in 100 seconds. The Java Kit includes an awesome-looking 1-litre FluxRing cooking cup and a French press kit that nests perfectly inside. Also included is a stabilizer stand for your fuel, a protective cup that doubles as a measuring cup or bowl, and a lid to turn your cooking cup into a drinking thermos.

The cooking system has a convenient pushbutton igniter that starts the system instantly. It also features a stove that locks into the JetBoil FluxRing cup, keeping the system secured and stable. Just in case you are wondering, the stove uses an isobutane and propane mix. As a bonus, the smaller 100g gas canister fits nicely into the cup. Note: The JetPower canisters are purchased separately.

BushLife - JetBoil Flash Stove Valve
Valve Adjuster on the JetBoil Flash Stove
BushLife - JetBoil Flash Stove Pushbutton Igniter
Pushbutton Igniter on the Flash Stove

JetBoil Flash Java Kit Ultra-Fast Boil System

BushLife - JetBoil FluxRing Cup Fill Line
Max Safe Fill Line on the FluxRing Cup

The Java JetBoil Flash is a personal cooking system featuring an ultra-fast boiling time. JetBoil recommends no more than 2 cups (16 ounces) of water for an ultra-fast boil. With a stopwatch in hand, the JetBoil did not disappoint. During some of our wilderness adventures, we have timed boils at 88 seconds, which seems dependent on the weather and surrounding environment. If adding more than 2 cups of water, the cooking system will boil the water at a reduced rate. By increasing the water volume, you risk splatter or spillover, which is not fun when admiring the impressive boil time. Because of the intense boil, the stove did vibrate but did not tip due to the provided stabilizer stand. If you’re wondering, the JetBoil boils enough water for one to two people.

What makes the JetBoil Flash boil water at such an impressive speed is the FluxRing technology that it uses. The technology used in the cooking cup ensures that the heat is evenly distributed and is efficient, resulting in less fuel consumption, making this a cost-effective kit. With decreased consumption, JetBoil minimizes its carbon footprint and makes it a sustainable solution for those who want to reduce their environmental impact.

Efficient Coffee Press

BushLife - JetBoil Flash Java Kit
JetBoil Flash Coffee Set Up

Not only is the JetBoil Flash Java Kit fast and efficient, it offers a convenient way to make coffee or tea on the go. Included in this kit is a durable silicon French coffee press. The press filters out any grounds or leaves, leaving you with a smooth and flavorful cup of your favourite beverage. The silicon press fits tightly into the cup. However, on occasion, we found that some coffee grinds did slip through, and based on our findings, if the press is not perfectly squared when pushing down, some coffee grinds will get into your coffee.

BushLife - JetBoil Flash Coffee Grinds
Pouring Coffee Grinds into Boiling Water
BushLife - JetBoil French Press Fitting
French Press Fits Snuggly into FluxRing Cup

How To Assemble the French Coffee Press 

Assembly of the coffee press is quick and easy. Once you have gathered all the required pieces:

  • Screw the bottom stem into the top of the silicon coffee press
  • Take your top rod and insert it into the lid’s hole
  • Connect the two pieces
  • You now have an assembled French coffee press

How To Use the French Coffee Press

  • Add your grounds or tea leaves
  • Pour in the hot water
  • Wait for the appropriate brewing time
  • Press down the plunger and enjoy!

Convenient FluxRing Cooking Cup

BushLife - JetBoil Flash FluxRing Cooking Cup
Drinking out of the JetBoil FluxRing Cooking Cup

Part of the Flash Java Kit is a convenient 1-litre FluxRing Cooking Cup which doubles as a thermos with its included coffee-style lid. At just 13.1 ounces, it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. Sewn into the neoprene cover of the cup is an easy-to-carry handle. The cup’s innovative design ensures even heat distribution for faster boiling and ultimate fuel efficiency. The cooking cup also features a thermochromatic colour-change heat indicator, which aids in verifying water readiness. Its non-stick surface makes it easy to clean, which is essential when adventuring in the wilderness. 

BushLife - JetBoil Flash Heat Indicator
Seen on the FluxRing Cup is the Thermochromatic Colour-Change Heat Indicator

Pro Tip!

If spillage occurs during cooking, the cooking cup absorbs the hot water, which heats the neoprene cover. Be careful when removing the cup from the stove. Fortunately, the system cools down quickly.

Durability and Portability of the JetBoil Flash Java Kit

BushLife - Stowable JetBoil Flash Kit
JetBoil Flash Java Kit is Stow-able, Portable and Lightweight

When heading out into the great outdoors, you need gear that handles the rugged terrain and unpredictable weather conditions. The JetBoil Flash Java Kit has durable construction and a lightweight design. It is the perfect addition to any camping, off-roading or hiking trip.

Made from quality, scratch-resistant material, the FluxRing Cooking Cup is the heart of the Flash Java Kit. There is no worry about getting it damaged during transportation. Also made from high-quality materials are the kit’s burner, lid, bottom cover, stand and coffee press. All of which can handle the rigours of outdoor use.

As to portability, the JetBoil Flash Java Kit is hard to beat. At just 13.1 ounces, it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. And thanks to its compact design, it takes up very little space in your backpack. Disassembly is very quick and easy. The stabilizer stand folds into a neat little triangle that can nest into the cooking cup. There is room in the cup to store the disassembled coffee press and stove. Place the measuring cup onto the bottom of the cooking cup and pop the lid onto the top, and you now have a portable, compact system. How convenient is that!

How To Use the JetBoil Flash

Watch this short video for a brief overview of the JetBoil Flash Coffee Kit.

JetBoil Flash Java Kit FAQs

Fire Bans

The entire province of Ontario was under a fire ban recently in light of the recent forest fires. Several municipalities (including ours) are still imposing local bans. This poses a serious problem for anyone camping or in backcountry that needs to boil water for safe consumption or to cook a meal. So it should be noted here that gas stoves are an exception during these bans and are very much permitted for use. This makes a stove such as the Java Flash a must for anyone intending to cook during one of these fire bans.

It should also be noted that quite often there are fire exceptions for cooking purposes – meaning in certain areas (or times) you can often not have a fire unless it is for cooking purposes. That is generally the rule of thumb in cities and common knowledge. However, during a fire ban, this exception does NOT apply! Stoves such as the Biolite CampStove, which uses wood or pellets is NOT permitted during a fire ban.

Is It Worth Getting a JetBoil Flash Java Kit?

In my opinion, yes, you absolutely should if you need your meal or coffee instantly! We absolutely love our JetBoil Flash Java Kit and find it the ultimate outdoor cooking companion for backpacking, kayaking or wilderness day trips. Its quick setup, lightweight, and lightning-fast boiling time will have you enjoying your hot beverage or dehydrated meal in no time. With its durable and portable design, you can rely on taking the stove on all your outdoor adventures.

So, invest in the JetBoil Flash Java Kit today and start enjoying your beverage in 100 seconds or less!

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