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Exploring YETI Drinkware: Is it Really Worth it?

Everywhere you turn, YETI is there and I bet you can’t help but wonder if their products are any good or worth the money. Well, you have come to the right place for a honest to goodness review of YETI drinkware. From a house that has put dozens of YETI products through real world use and abuse, over a decade’s time.

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Our Story With YETI Drinkware Starts Many Years Ago

While out shopping at our local outdoors store, I just happen to notice a new and very fancy display. A brand of coolers and drinkware by YETI which up until then, I never heard of. But it sure looked oh so modern, sleek and, well, expensive… The cooler also had a huge mention of being “grizzly proof” which immediately caught my attention. I know more than a thing or two about pesky bears trying to steal food but a grizzly is a whole new level!

While not in the market for a cooler I was still oddly very intrigued. You know that feeling when you don’t need something but you just can’t seem to walk away! While eyeballing the YETI cooler, I also spotted the YETI mug wondering why this little thing was so expensive. That’s when a sales associate came over. Explaining that it’s not just a mug, but an indestructible and well thought out line of YETI drinkware.

So that day, it was time to buy the most expensive mug I have ever owned… and of course a reason was made to “need” a shiny new cooler. Never in a million years would I have guessed on that day that somewhere in the distant future, I would become a blogger. And provide a time tested review on that very purchase.

The YETI Rambler Mug

YETI Coffee Mug
YETI Coffee Mug in Navy

I don’t know about you, but what gets me here is the fact that you can have one mug and just change lids to meet your specific needs. That and the fact that it has a removable magnetic slider and lid gasket – now that’s cool!

You maybe wondering what’s the point of a removable magslider? For one, it’s easier to clean. Two, it keeps the the liquid from splashing, not to mention hot! With a simple flip of the slider, your coffee or tea is now a lot more mobile and protected. Is it leakproof? No. But that’s ok. It’s still a “mug” which means it’s used around the house. By house I mean the property and that means a stroll in the backwoods, down by the dock and so on. Instead of some beat up, old, ceramic mug (where half your coffee is spilled and the other half is cold 10 minutes later), it really fits the bill.

After all these years, I still have my first YETI Rambler Mug. It’s my go to every morning. This mug has been dropped, thrown, left outside and it has some scars to prove it: a few scratches, some chips and a ding. But it still keeps the lid tight and the beverage hot. Was it worth the money? With a decade under it’s belt and easily another one to go, it most definitely is worth every penny! In fact I wonder how I ever lived without one.


  • 414 ml (also available in 295 and 710 ml)
  • double-wall vacuum insulated
  • 18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel construction
  • welded handle

Where Can I Get My YETI Mug?

Straight from the source at YETI’s online store:

The YETI Rambler Tumbler

YETI Rambler Tumbler
Drinking from a YETI Rambler 887 mL Tumbler with a MagSlide Lid in Navy Blue

As much praise as the mug above deserves, it does have 1 single shortcoming: it doesn’t fit in most cup holders! It’s too wide and ends up sitting half cocked on top of a cup holder rather than actually in it. A simple solution to this problem is the YETI Rambler Tumbler.

If you are the type that’s always on the move and you happen to make a better coffee than the guy down the road, you have a serious problem. You can’t just put that beloved beverage into a sublime, leaky, perhaps even stinky old thermos now. And don’t laugh cause I still have those and I know your stinky thermos is in the attic or basement somewhere collecting dust. You want something that will keep it hot, stop the splash and move with you at your pace.

My tumbler goes with me every morning when I drop off the kids, or go to a meeting. Or to town to get supplies. Again you have a magslider that takes the flip of a finger to open and your coffee is instantly ready for consumption. It means it won’t make a mess of your cupholder and dashboard like those leaky paper cups from the drive thrus.

Same Basic Function

The tumbler is identical in function to the YETI Rambler Mug. Even in shape but with 2 key differences: The bottom is narrower and conical. From a sedan, to truck, boat or side by side, it fits perfectly into any cup holder I’ve ever put it in. The second difference is volume. It’s simply bigger which is great. When you are out on that long road trip or journey into the bush, you now have 887 ml (30 oz) at your disposal.


  • 887 ml (also available in 295, 473, 591, 769 ml but the shape changes)
  • double-wall vacuum insulated
  • 18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel construction

The YETI Rambler Bottle

This one’s my favourite!!! And I’ve put it through hell, literally. Imagine a 1978 Arctic Cat snowmobile with ZERO storage and a 4 hour trip. Going without coffee wasn’t an option so the bottle was tossed in the sled’s footwell – and secured by the bottom of my boot! Metal on metal this thing took a beating and didn’t flinch. And that’s just one of HUNDREDS of things my YETI Bottle’s been through. You can see it in the graphic at the very top, it’s the skinny black bottle in between the two pink tumblers and it still looks great.

Whether you are going for an ATV ride, sledding, sitting in a blind hunting, canoeing down the lake and so on, this bottle DOES NOT leak! It can go inside your pack or tossed in the bottom of a boat with great confidence.

What it does do very well is keep a drink hot, all day long! Even on those blistery minus 30 degree days, my bottle has been my companion on many a sledding trip. I generally choose to brew before heading out and trust the YETI to take over from there. It saves me from packing a stove, water, coffee, a filter, cream, sugar and so on. Not to mention, I can be on the move and enjoy things without the chore of stoping to make a coffee in the middle of nowhere. Not that there’s anything wrong with that either – like most, I just prefer that experience during the warmer camping season.


  • 532 ml (also available in 355 ml, 769 ml, 1 L)
  • double-wall vacuum insulated
  • 18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel construction
  • leak proof, screw on cap

Note: Mine pictured at the top is older and things have changed a bit. The current lineup has a choice of chug cap (cold drinks) or hotshot cap (hot drinks). My cap acts similar to the hotshot cap but it has a loop on top similar to the chug cap. That loop makes it super easy to clip the bottle to a carabiner on the side of a backpack for easy outside access. I believe YETI’s solution to this is the sling carriers they sell now.

Cool Features of YETI Drinkware

Each item in the YETI Drinkware line is of double-wall vacuum insulation. I know, we already covered that but it also means it’s a no sweat design. The stainless steel construction makes it BPA free and of course rust free.

It is not however designed to go into the freezer. Liquids that freeze expand which in turn will damage the stainless steel wall.

YETI Drinkware Common Questions

We scoured the internet to find what questions people generally have about YETI drinkware. We took the time to try and answer those as part of our review – based on our real world use of the products.

Tip: My children wanted hot chocolate for school (kids temp, of course) and the YETI Rambler Jr did a great job of keeping the drink warm all day. The kiddies however, did not empty out their backpacks which caused the hot chocolate to produce some foul smelling gases. These gases made it very difficult for us to open the cap. Eventually it gave but not without a fight! This seems like an issue for any sealed container, just a word of caution here with what you use it for.

YETI Drinkware In Our House

My family absolutely loves the entire YETI lineup, let alone just the drinkware. So much so, it became an awesome idea for gifting. Each family member has more than one to choose from as does close friends, relatives and co-workers. Let me say, not one person ever complained!

We are proud owners of the YETI Rambler Mug, YETI Rambler Tumbler (295 mL, 591 mL, 887 mL), YETI Rambler Bottle and YETI Rambler Jr 355 mL. In fact the photos for this post are with our own YETIs, some which has seen a decade of use.

Tip: If using your YETI as a water bottle, Safe Drinking Water will teach you how to make almost any water safe BEFORE it goes into your fancy YETI drinkware. YETI even has some MOLLE products now which can attach very easily to the 5.11 Rush 24 Backpack.


As mentioned, we bought all our YETI items with our own money, long before the notion of blogging or reviewing. We have NOT received any free items NOR payment of any form in exchange for this review. You are reading an unbiased opinion of these products.

We are however a YETI affiliate. That is not by accident as we DO NOT endorse products we don’t test ourselves or believe in wholeheartedly. If you use our links to purchase a YETI product, a small percentage of the purchase will go back to us at no cost to you. This really helps support the blog and if that is the case with you, we genuinely thank you. If you don’t buy anything, that’s equally fine as well, we are just as happy to share our experience.

YETI Drinkware Full Lineup

While we covered a few core items in this review, YETI has an entire drinkware lineup here:

Maybe that magical item for you is out there, maybe not. But what we do know is every YETI purchase we ever made was a good one!

We hope this guide was helpful! If you need more ideas, comment below or share your suggestions on social media.

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