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TITAN SURVIVORCORD: The Only Paracord You’ll Ever Need?

TITAN SurvivorCord Review

5 out of 5
TITAN SurvivorCord

Out in the wilderness, we need one paracord designed to take on any challenge. The TITAN SurvivorCord is the ultimate cord for you.
Developed for the Special Forces in Afghanistan, the TITAN SurvivorCord integrates three life-saving survival strands; a 25lb transparent Mono Fishing Line, a Waxed Jute Fire-Starter, and a Multi-Purpose 30 AWG Snare Wire. This 620lb tensile strength cord is stronger and more functional than your standard MIL-SPEC paracord. With a diameter of 5 millimetres and a length of 100 feet, it can handle any challenge you might encounter.
Don’t settle for subpar paracord! Upgrade to the TITAN SurvivorCord and experience the difference. Read below for a full Titan SurvivorCord review.

Length: 100′
Diameter: 5 mm
Weight: 383 g
Material: Nylon
Tensile Strength: 620 lbs
Strands: MIL-SPEC 550 Paracord, 30 AWG Snare Wire, 25 lb Monofilament Line, Waxed Jute

5 out of 5
Titan’s SurvivorCord is water and UV-resistant, making it a great investment for any survival kit.
5 out of 5
The TITAN SurvivorCord has a tensile strength of 620 lbs making it strong and durable with 7 core strands and 36 sheath strands, along with 3 innovative survival strands.
5 out of 5
Titan’s cordage can be used to start a fire, create a makeshift shelter, fish, hunt, in a first-aid emergency, lash, hang food from trees, etc.
5 out of 5
TITAN SurvivorCord is the ultimate multi-functional paracord – from tying knots to crafting bracelets, belts, slings, carriers and keychains to surviving emergency situations. This one SurvivorCord does it all!


Survivor Strands






Lifetime Guarantee


A Bit Rigid


Imagine finding yourself in a survival situation without reliable cordage. Not a pleasant thought now, is it? Unfortunately, it is a reality for many who venture into the great outdoors unprepared. That is where TITAN SurvivorCord comes in. TITAN Survival claims that this paracord is the only one you will ever need, whether camping, hiking, or facing an emergency. In this TITAN SurvivorCord review, we will take a closer look at the features and strengths of the TITAN Survival Cord and whether or not it should become a staple in your survival kit. From its versatility to its cost-effectiveness, we will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. So, let’s get into the TITAN SurvivorCord review to see if it is the only paracord you can rely on.

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Versatility: Uses for the TITAN Survival SurvivorCord

TITAN SurvivorCord Review: Using the TITAN SurvivorCord to tie a bowline
Bowline with a Toggle

Paracord (specifically parachute cord or in this case, the patented survivor cord) has a million uses for anyone who spends time outdoors or wants to be ready for emergencies. 

Here are just a few of those uses:

  1. Create a shelter. Whether building a lean-to or setting up a tarp, quality paracord is strong enough to hold it up under heavy wind or rain.
  2. Guy Lines. Use the cord as a guy in streams, trail markers or tethering yourself to your pack.
  3. Trapping or Hunting. You can create snares, secure a hunting knife to your belt, or make a bowstring. 
  4. Repair gear. If your backpack strap breaks or your tent pole snaps, create a quick and reliable fix with paracord.
  5. First aid. You can use it to create a tourniquet or splint in an emergency.
  6. Lashing. You can lash anything with a paracord. For example, use it with longer wood pieces to create a tripod for cooking.

One of the most impressive features of TITAN SurvivorCord is its versatility. This multi-functional paracord features three survival strands which help further your usage. Let us dive into TITAN’s durability before looking at these three strands.

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Durability: The Strength of TITAN Survival Cord

First and foremost, not all parachute cords are of optimal quality – some do not hold up to the specified tensile strength, fray easily or use 2 to 3 core strands instead of 7 to 9.

The integral factors of any paracord are its durability and strength, and TITAN Survival has superseded all expectations. They not only created a cord that exceeds military spec but incorporated survival strands into their cordage, making it the only tool to have on hand.

The TITAN 550 SurvivorCord features seven core strands and 36 sheath strands – both sleeve and core strands are made with 100% nylon, making them resistant to wear or fray. This survival cord is also resistant to mildew, mould, and rot to maintain its strength and durability.

With a core braid strength of 47 pounds and a tensile (breaking) strength of 620 pounds, it makes the TITAN SurvivorCord one of the strongest cords on the market.

This level of durability makes the TITAN SurvivorCord ideal for any outdoor activity, from hiking and camping to fishing or even a survival situation. Whether you need to secure a tent, create a makeshift shelter or construct traps or fishing lines, TITAN SurvivorCord has the strength to hold up under pressure. You can even use it to design a makeshift rope ladder if you need to climb your way to safety.

Are There Any Downsides to Using TITAN SurvivorCord?

BushLife - Bracelet Made from SurvivorCord
Bracelet Made from SurvivorCord

In our TITAN SurvivorCord review, we are pleased with the overall quality and versatility of the paracord. While experimenting with the different survival strands, we burnt the end to prevent unravelling, which has held up thus far. The only downside to using the TITAN SurvivorCord was when creating small loops and specific knots. We found the cord to be a bit rigid, but that is to be expected when using a paracord with snare wire incorporated into it. 

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Is There an Alternative to TITAN SurvivorCord?

In my opinion, I would be hard-pressed to say that there is. The UST ParaTinder utility cord may be considered a challenger. It, too, has a built-in strand of waxed jute thread that can start a fire, but the similarities end there. The TITAN SurvivorCord would be an upgrade to the UST ParaTinder, and it is a cord that you can count on.

Innovation: What Makes TITAN SurvivorCord Stand Out

BushLife - TITAN Survival Strands
TITAN Survival Strands: 25lb Mono-Filament Fishing Line, 8lb 30 AWG Snare Wire, and Waxed Jute

TITAN Survival’s SurvivorCord is not your ordinary paracord: it is an innovative design with diverse capabilities. The well-thought-out paracord has three integrated survival strands – fishing line, snare wire, and waxed jute. With these three strands, you no longer need to lug multiple tools in your survival kit. 

At a pull strength of 25 lbs, the fishing line is a high-strength, transparent mono-filament. The snare or utility wire is an 8 lb, 30 AWG metallic alloy. Perfect for hunting small game, boundary setting, making tripwire alarms, repairs, Ham Radio antennas, and more. Starting fires is made simple with the integrated waxed jute. Above all, the jute strand is waterproof, making it a cinch for starting fires in the rain.

Furthermore, the survival cord is water and UV resistant, which means that it can withstand exposure to extreme weather conditions without losing its strength and durability.

BushLife - Survival Bracelet
Custom Made Mad Max Survival Bracelet Made with TITAN SurvivorCord in Dragonscale

The other bonus of SurvivorCord is that you can construct your own belts, pull tabs, bracelets, rifle slings and key chains, and they all become your own little emergency survival kit.

Pictured above is my first attempt at making a survival bracelet with TITAN SurvivorCord. Although the cordage is thick, I found it easy to work with. The only difficulty was tightening the weave and cinching down on the final knot. It may not be as tight as I would like, but it is a functional survival bracelet with three survival strands.

How To Tie a Bowline Knot Using TITAN Survival Cord

In this video, you will learn how to use a bowline knot and a toggle to make a ridgeline using TITAN Survival’s Dragonscale SurvivorCord.

Investment: A Cost-Effective Solution for Your Survival Needs?

One of the most important aspects to consider is the cost-effectiveness of TITAN’s Survival gear. After all, you do not want to spend a fortune on something that will not deliver in a real-life emergency. TITAN SurvivorCord is not the most economical paracord out there, but to be fair, it is a multi-functional paracord. In the long run, this solution saves you money and space in your survival pack. Its versatility outweighs the added cost.

Just think about what other paracord can be utilized for outdoor survival, bushcraft, building shelters, fishing, trapping, and more. What other cordage can convert into survival gear? That alone is worth its weight in gold!

Not only is TITAN SurvivorCord versatile, but it’s also durable. Its strength and resilience make it an excellent choice for extreme weather conditions and rough use, ensuring a reliable tool at your disposal when you need it the most. Not to mention, TITAN Survival offers a lifetime guarantee on all its cordage.

Investing in TITAN SurvivorCord is a no-brainer, especially when considering the alternative. Opting for cheaper, less durable options may save you money in the short run, but it may cost you more in the long run by having to replace them frequently or not having them function as required in an emergency.

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TITAN SurvivorCord Review, Final Thoughts

Our TITAN SurvivorCord review verifies that this survivor cord is the ultimate paracord for any situation. Its versatility allows for various uses, from camping to emergencies. The strength and durability of TITAN SurvivorCord make it stand out from other paracords on the market. Its innovative features, such as the fishing line and waxed jute, make it an extraordinary investment for your survival needs. In times of uncertainty, having reliable cordage can make all the difference, so don’t wait until it’s too late – add TITAN SurvivorCord to your survival kit today.

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